Monday, March 30, 2009

Lynn Tincher & Afterthoughts

Today’s Feature – One Bubbly & Passionate Author!

I ‘met’ my special guest about a year ago. I can’t pinpoint the date or recall exactly how we met, because Lynn is one of those people I feel I have always known. She is involved in her craft on many levels and I admire her dedication. Lynn was also gracious enough to contribute several quotes to my most recent book. Hopefully our paths will meet in the very near future!

So, without further ado, let me introduce author extraordinaire, Lynn Tincher!

Tantalize us with a little about Afterthoughs!

Afterthoughts is a new kind of psychological thriller. It explores the depths of the mind and its powers and diseases as the main character, Detective Paige Aldridge and her family fall victim to a serial killer. Paige fears she is losing her mind while dealing with three major tragedies in her life. She struggles to find out why while fearing the real truth behind it all. Is everything the result of a mental illness or an elaborate mind game?

What started you on the path of author?

Writing is something I have always enjoyed. I started writing poetry and short stories at an early age. I was lucky enough to receive some recognition for what I had done so that helped fuel the fire. I've always loved the creative side in life and that lead me to pursue the theatre for a while in high school and college. I would love to get back into that at some point. All of this led up to wanting to write a novel. I played with the idea of Afterthoughts and its sequels for years. I finally devoted time out of my life to get it written and life took off from there. I am so excited to be working with Blackwyrm Fiction in the second edition and the upcoming sequels including Left in the Dark.

What are some of your favorite events to attend?

I love all of the events I attend and all for different reasons. I love book fairs because I am surrounded by hundreds of other authors and thousands of readers. I draw encouragement from them all. I also love the smaller book signings because I get to chat with my readers more. One of my favorite events was going to a library and talking to a very small group of brave individuals that came out in some extremely cold weather. It was like a family get together.
Tell us about the Literary Lynnch Pen!

The Literary Lynnch Pen started out as a monthly newsletter about me and my experiences writing. I love to share the experiences that I have had with others and offer tips to help. I wanted to be able to help encourage others at least. I had been fortunate enough in my very early career to have had a few friends pass along my information to others and that lead to meeting some very helpful people. The readership in my newsletter soon reached hundreds of people throughout the world. So, I decided to return the favor. I started featuring other authors and artists with a small article each month. I was amazed to find out how much that helped the people I had featured. My readership then increased closer to the thousands and I had so many wonderful people that wanted to be featured. I then increased the newsletter to a weekly publication to help. I soon decided that I wanted to help in other ways as well. I started working with the Humane Society and the Woodstock Animal Foundation as a media partner to help spread the word for a Pet of the Week in each edition as well as on my website. Now The Literary Lynnch Pen has legs of its own so I pulled my news away from it and started another monthly newsletter just for me. I am very excited to hear each week from all of the readers about how much they enjoy the articles and the pets that are featured. I am also very excited about the other authors that now contribute articles for it. Everything about it has been a positive experience that I am happy to share.

The first thing that comes to mind is 'bubbly & enthusiastic.' How would YOU describe yourself?

Thank you, Diane! That's a tough one. I am a very hard working, big-hearted person with a lot to share. I don't ever claim to be an expert at anything but I like to share my experiences and want to help and encourage others. If I excel at that, then the rest is the icing on the cake. I love what I do and the people in my life. I hope that shows in every thing I do every day. I am constantly learning and growing. That is what life is about after all.

And the last word...?

Please visit all of my sites. If you like what you see, please share it with others. I hope that maybe a story I share reaches some one's heart and then their story can be shared with others out of my reach. If I help one person achieve their hearts desire, then my life is complete.


  1. Hi Lynn, nice interview. Glad to know more about you. Your book sounds very interesting.

    Thanks L. Diane for featuring her.


  2. Good interview. That's a very intriguing and unique book/plot idea for a mystery.

  3. Thank you Diane! And thanks everyone for the nice comments! It's been a busy and fantastic day!