Friday, March 27, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Time for the Friday roundup!

Beth Groundwater is excited about her first big review for To Hell In A Handbasket:

More discussion on the Orphan Works Bill and why it is NOT GOOD for us writers:

Great advice from Allyn Evans on accepting change:

The Publicity Hound’s newsletter is always full of great ideas:

Facebook is making changes in response to feedback:

And my little goobers, Rocko & Spunky, were interviewed by Amigo at Pets & Their Authors – it just might go to their heads, too! ttp://


  1. Great amount of info and good links in such a short post, Spunky!

  2. Well, how can I pass up the kitty interview? Although, frankly, I think that's a picture of one cat with his feet up against a mirror.

  3. Awww, Diane, what lil' sweethearts! I'll have to take a look at what they have to say, lol!

    I hadn't heard about Publicity Hound before, hmmm, have to check it out.

  4. Which one is Rocko and which is Spunky?

    Diane, it may be a problem on my end, but none of those links worked for me.


  5. Thanks for the links.
    You might want to check the CNN one. I couldn't get it to work.Already visited with the cute cats.

    Morgan Mandel

  6. Yeah, the links are broken. I read the kitty interview before though ... they certainly have more of interest to say than Smokey. Most of his conversation consists of "Attend to me, loser!"

  7. Sorry everyone! Don't know what I did wrong this time - I placed the full links up instead...

  8. I'm just writing a handout on blogs for a seminar I'm giving at the National Stationery Show. This post is a perfect examlple of a carnival!

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Tweeting at

  9. Cool, glad to be a good example, Carolyn!

  10. Thanks again to Rocko & Spunky for answering Amigo's questions. What a great duo you have, Diane! I bet they keep your hands full!