Sunday, March 01, 2009

And now for some completely different Sunday news...

Another wild and busy week here on the home front - and it's supposed to snow tonight in North Carolina. Now that IS different!

Other interesting news from around the web:

From author Mayra Calvani – her dog, Amigo, will be interviewing other author’s pets on a brand new blog:

Article in Publisher’s Weekly on how a runaway hit can nearly kill a small publisher:

Great list of potential book reviewers:

Back-up quarterback for the Patriots, Matt Cassel, went to the Chiefs:

Topless coffee shop in Maine:

All I gotta say about that last one is I hope they keep the coffee shop warm!


  1. I hope the girls in the topless coffee shop get hazard pay.

    Helen Ginger

  2. "Although the topless coffee shop has been open less than a week, Crabtree said he is already seeing regulars."

    Now, there's a surprise! I believe Mr. Crabtree had stumbled upon the solution to the nation's economic woes. Mr.Obama, are you listening? Time to head for Maine!

  3. Come on, Mike! Don't they have coffee shops like that all over California?

    At least the men go topless, too...

  4. Never would have thought of putting topless and coffee together! Shows there is something for everyone out there.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton
    Author of The Ride

  5. Cool and oddly weird news... thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice little carnival of fun stuff, Diane! Thank you!

  7. Diane, don’t be fooled by those Cali stereotypes! I’ve heard of these things, but never here in Lotusland. Actually, I think I did hear of one such business venture before, and it was in Seattle.

  8. Back in the day I could've got me a job at that topless coffee shop! (smile)

  9. Okay, I admit it. I, too, clicked on the Maine topless coffee shop before I clicked on the other links. Love that the place didn't just hire "10's."

  10. Oooh, thanks for the BookConnector link!

    Burning hot liquid + bare sensitive skin usually does not = fun. I hope the owner has got enough insurance to cover employee accidents.

  11. Thanks for the great links and for the plug! :-)