Saturday, January 03, 2009

Online Radio

It's amazing how fast this world is changing. Online radio is a perfect example. Who would've thought ten years ago that radio programs and channels specifically designed for the web would become so popular? Most authors have either been on a program or host their own show. I've done several programs, including Paula Berinstein's The Writing Show, and have another lined up for this March.

Do people listen to these broadcasts? I do! Just yesterday, I listened to Mystery Matters. My dear friend and mentor, author p.m. terrell, was on the show, and while mystery is not my gig, I knew I would learn from listening to Trish. I think all authors should listen to a few podcasts before taking on a program themselves.

And as for me, I will stick with just appearing on podcasts. Yes, I've had numerous people tell me I should start my own show, but at this point in my life, I have no idea where I would fit it in! Chase too many rabbits and they will all get away...


  1. i've been wondering about podcasting, maybe just once a month for the Un:Bound book blog, i'm just not sure, having never done it. What makes a good podcast, how easy is it to get hosting and many other questions. Ten years ago I was dating someone who was trying to start an online radio station, it was such a new thing, i never thought it would take off.

  2. A good place to check out is Global Talk Radio, both for programs and for hosting a show.
    Yes, amazing it's taken off so big! I think between online radio and Xm/Sirius, we are seeing the death of fm/am radio...