Friday, January 23, 2009

Blurbs & Endorsements

We all know the importance of reviews and that an outstanding review on the back of a book will help sell that title.

But don't forget to seek blurbs & endorsements as well. These can come from several sources:

- Celebrities
- Businesses
- Organizations
- Authors
- Experts in your field

Start brainstorming - who might endorse your book? What business or organization would benefit from your subject matter? Are there people, organizations or places mentioned in the book that might be a source of an endorsement? Who are the experts in your field? Who else writes your genre? Who benefits from your book? The possibilities are endless...

If seeking a celebrity endorsement (actor, athlete, author, etc.) the site below lists contact information for hundreds of thousands such people. One dollar to try it for a week and then twenty dollars per month - but you can find a lot of people in just one week!


  1. Thanks for the great ideas. I'll have to start my list going.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Endorsements must be in the air. I have had so many questions on it late. And I will refer people to this blog in my next newseltter, Diane. Also, for those interested in more about how to use endorsements in marketing and promoting their work, check out The Frugal Book Promoter. You'll find many related sections by searching for "blurbs," "endorsements," "celebreties" etc in the index. Check out "networking," too, because it's such an important aspect of collecting endorsements.


    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Award-winning author of the HowToDoItFrugally Series of Books for writers, including USA Book News' award winners
    The Frugal Editor
    The Frugal Book Promoter

  3. The Frugal Book Promoter resides front & center of my marketing books, Carolyn!

    I've got several, but I am proudest of the endorsement from author Darien B. Cooper. She even invited me to stop by her home next time I am in northern Georgia!

  4. Now THAT's delivering VALUE in a post and blog, Diane. Nice job and thanks. Got that site bookmarked.

  5. Great advice!

    Lining up endorsements in advance of pitching to publishers can also help sell your book. I always ask myself, "What's the worst that can happen?" The answer is that the person will say no. On the other hand, he or she might say yes.

    It can also be helpful under certain circumstances to send along some sample blurbs from among which potential endorsers can choose if they don't have the time to write one themselves.

  6. Yes, sending samples is almost a must!
    I remember hearing an interview with the author of "ElderRage", and she said the same thing - send them a few samples and half the time, they will just select one and be done - when they might've otherwise passed!

  7. I went after a big name for my first book and it didn't work out. But...ALMOST did!! the timing wasn't right.

    So, ask. You never know. And if you are actively seeking, you can find others. I found a great replacement person for my book and all was well.


  8. Something I should be thinking about. What I can't figure out is this: since I have no ARCs, how do I get a copy of a yet-unpublished book to someone to review in time to put it on the back of the cover?

  9. Katie, if you are publishing them yourself, the best way to do it is to use a POD printer (not POD Publisher - there's a difference!) for a short run of 20-25 books or so.
    Otherwise, if you're with a traditional publisher, just request some review copies to send out. (Something they should be doing anyway!)

    That help any?

  10. Great post! You just reminded me of someone I need to send my book to for endorsement.