Sunday, January 18, 2009

Basic Human Nature

BlogBookTours has led me to some interesting people! (And I've tried to comment at everyone's blog at least once, if I was able, and all but a few have visited mine - thank you!)

I met Morgan Mandel prior to the tour and her post today mentioned annoying authors and their annoying over-promotion.

Immediately that put me in mind of basic human nature - we care more about ourselves than anyone else. Selfishness is just our sinful nature. Once we understand and accept this fact, we not only can be more aware of our own selfishness, but we can endear ourselves to others by appealing to their selfish nature. Of course, we cannot give expecting to receive - it just doesn't work that way! We must reach out to others with a genuine spirit.

I do not want to be a self-serving person. I did not begin my author journey with 'me' in mind - I began because I wanted to inspire others to pursue their dreams. I'm a firm believer that real success is how many people are better off because of a person's existence. I just want to be the best me possible.

So now I want to know - why are all my author friends out there doing what they are doing? What is your goals? Material or otherwise?


  1. I write because the stories in my head make me laugh-and cry-and are so entertaining to me, I just have to tell someone...

    Like knowing a good joke- it's more fun if you tell it to someone else.

  2. Hi Diane,
    First, thanks for your visits to my blog. My main excuse for not reciprocating much lately is my traveling. However if that excuse doesn't work, I can cough up a million more!

    So what am I doing? Not as much writing as I'd like, but lots related to writing. I'm webmaster and a reviewer for The Internet Review of Books (,an admin on the Internet Writing Workshop (, president of Mesilla Valley Writers in Las Cruces and an active member of the El Paso Writer's League. My second novel will be published soon, though there's no firm date yet.

    My goals as a writer? I am retired from the tech writing field and am thoroughly enjoying myself now with what I'm doing. Were I to make a little money, that would be nice; it does happen now and then. What I really want is for people to enjoy my work and recognize my name as a good writer.

    I know what you mean about selfishness. Even when I do something for someone else, I get a psychic return. My guess is that even the most selfless of people (of which I'm definitely not one) get at least an inner satisfaction from helping others. They get, or at least seek, something.

    Bob Sanchez

  3. "I'm a firm believer that real success is how many people are better off because of a person's existence."

    True dat, Diane. Me too. Good post.

  4. Nancy, I like that analogy!

    Bob, I know you've been on the road. No worries! And true, we can give just to enjoy the warms fuzzies that follow.

    And thanks, Marvin!!!

  5. I started this journey (to publish children's books) to give to my grand daughters and other children who live in bilingual households. It's become more and more of a passion. Now, if I can get the books in front of the right people. . .
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  6. I ran out of excuses not to write. Then being published was like receiving an ultimate pat on the back for a job well done. Now my goal is to keep my publisher happy by working to promote my first novel while I complete my second!

    Jane Kennedy Sutton
    Author of The Ride

  7. Thanks for your thought provoking post, Diane! I write what I've been inspired to write, and after sharing more and more with people and hearing back that they felt blessed in some way from reading, that's why I published, to touch others in a special way. It's also led to meeting so many other wonderful writers and learning from you all too!

  8. I illustrate books because it's all I've ever wanted to do since I was 6 years old. My goal is to keep doing this until the day they pry a paintbrush from my cold, dead hands.

  9. I write fiction because it's what I'm wired for; because writing a story is vastly more engaging than reading one; because if I didn't *write* my brain would get clogged up. ;)

    I publish fiction as a service to readers and writers, but mostly to writers: I want to create opportunities for writers who (like me) want to explore stories that are deeper and more challenging than what is easily sold in genre. And I think it should mostly be fun, which is something people in the business tend to forget.

    My job as a writer: to tell good stories. My job as a publisher: to support writers while they do their jobs and help readers get their hands on the results.

  10. I write because I have to. It's always been that way.

  11. I write, write, write all the time. I write historical fiction because I love to tell stories and I love researching the time and place I write about.
    Aside from fiction (the "other" 90 percent of my life), I'm a freelance science/technical writer and do corporate communications type stuff on the side as well (employee handbooks, ghostwriting for managers, etc.). If a project is word-related, I'll do it! And that's what pays the bills.
    Thanks, Diane, for visiting my blog and for your interesting posts here on Spunk on a Stick...

  12. I write fiction because the characters talk inside my head. Lately, though, I'm writing nonfiction because of the money - and because I've found I enjoy researching and interviewing people. Who knew?