Thursday, October 23, 2008

Website Blues

Currently the host of my site is having issues and many of the photos are not appearing. They are working on the problem, but it's a bit frustrating! So my apologies if you visit my site and see empty boxes where photos should be placed!

In other news, I actually have a couple free days to get some things done! I'm currently working on another article for Lynn's newsletter as well as articles for several teen mags and sites. Never a dull moment!

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Lynn said...

I hear you on website issues! I've had a few of them myself lately. It is nice to get to sit down and write again. I'm working on another trilogy in addition to the Mind Bending Seriers. I really appreciate your contributions to The Literary Lynnch Pen! All of my readers do!

Lynn Tincher
Author of "Afterthoughts"
Publisher of The Literary Lynnch Pen