Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween & Horror

It's Halloween! Time for scary & chilling stories.
Actually, I'm not sure I could write a horror story. As with thrillers, I don't feel my style of writing could reach that level of intensity. My values would prevent me from writing on certain subjects as well, although I do enjoy a good horror film. Note I said GOOD - not torture-porn or slasher flicks.
I do have an idea for a werewolf story, although with my style it would be more relationship-based as opposed to chilling. But I think the dynamics of dealing with being a werewolf or coping with someone who changed once a month into something more primitive and animal would be an interesting topic to tackle!
I'll add it to my list...


Mike Douglas said...

I'd like to see you give a werewolf story a try. I know you'd do a terrific job with it. I have a current interest in the subject, having just read an excellent novella titled Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs. Great stuff!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I may try it!