Saturday, October 04, 2008

Charlotte, gas, and crazy things on the road!

Long trip to Charlotte today for two signings. A delightful time at both venues - Waldenbooks in Monroe and Park Road Books in Charlotte.

And yes, Charlotte - and everything within a fifty mile radius - is out of gas! I saw not ONE gas station with regular from Salisbury thru Charlotte and beyond Monroe. Scary!

As always, the road trip was interesting. Yes, I did ten miles over the speed limit - mostly because I did not want to be run over! But I saw an off-duty motorcycle cop gesture to a car to slow down in Durham and another police car zoom after a crow doing over 80mph - fortunately, I'd slowed down to 75 at that point!

I also had my doors blown off by a covertible Beamer! Dud must've been doing 100mph...

However, it was a great day! AND I came home to a request for two of my seminars next year from a college I've never visited. So how cool is that????

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