Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bookstore to Avoid

I'm rarely negative, but for those in NC, I have a bookstore you should avoid.

ABDebs Books & Gifts in Knightdale, NC put out a PR seeking authors for a big event. Local book clubs were invited to come meet local authors and get to know their works.

When I called, the owner was indifferent to me and told me to email her my information. I figured she was having a bad day. I sent my information, but never received a reply.

Well, my friend p.m.terrell was schedule to attend this event. Trish is an awesome person and accomplished mystery writer. She is definitely my hero! A moment in Trish's presence will bless you, because she is so genuine and caring and positive.

When Trish called to confirm that her books had been ordered, the owner was rude to her! Rude to the point that Trish did something she's never done before - she backed out of the event.

Now, indifference to me is one thing, but to treat someone as sweet as Trish so rudely is inexcuseable! And Trish isn't a nobody - she's an accomplished author with several books and two movie deals in the works.

So, ABDebs Books & Gifts is definitely off my list! There's enough other book stores in NC - with owners, managers & employees that are awesome - that I won't be hurting for places to visit!

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