Sunday, May 11, 2008

Book Expo and Dragons!

Yesterday I participated in the first Waldenbooks Local Book Expo in Martinsville, VA. There were sixteen authors in a wide range of subjects. Two of the authors were also publishers.

During the panel discussion, an author I had met at Book 'Em last fall commented that the biggest benefit was meeting other authors and the connections & leads that emerged from those encounters. Bob, that is so true! The friendships along the journey are what I treasure most! And I certainly value the friendship with the Waldenbooks staff there in Martinsville, because they have been such awesome supporters. Thanks Lynne, Amy, Heather and Sarah!

I also got to meet a dragon! Author J.G. Eastwood was in attendance, and she brought her dragon along, too! When he blew smoke, it was a hoot!

(Visit her at )

All in all, a wonderful experience!

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