Monday, February 18, 2008

When Driving the Roads of America ...

Here is an unusual tip for those who hit the road for appearances!

Tips for navigating areas of America:

Fastest moving freeway traffic - definitely I-95. If you are not going ten miles over the speed limit, you WILL be run over!

Longest drive times within a city - three way tie. Orlando is #1 - no way you can get from one side to the other of Orlando and its surrounding cities in less than an hour. Same goes for Albuquerque. And you might be able to do it in Atlanta at 3am in the morning!

Most difficult city to navigate - Washington DC. Many one way streets and no left turns. (And after ten blocks of no left turns, you WILL be making an illegal U-turn at some point just to get north!)

Worst roads - toss up between Nebraska and Arkansas.

Absolutely, positively no straight line to any destination point - North Carolina, hands down!

Unsafe to speed - Texas. Watch for cops!

Most flattened fauna - Wyoming. (All those little furry Frizbees used to be rabbits!)

Most boring drive - toss up between Idaho and Oklahoma.

Speed limit ignored most often - near Richmond, VA. There's a 40 mile stretch that varies between 55 & 60, but NOBODY goes under 70!

Traffic I would least like to be stuck in - DC is bad, but Atlanta wins. Seven - eight lanes both ways, and they'll be backed up for MILES!!!

Any other suggestions? Please let me know!

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