Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ghost Swing In Argentine

* Guest Blogger Today

"Once in a while, a true news of the weird comes through the newsroom. The press release on the ghostly swing in Firmat, Argentine caught my eye. We didn't run with the story, but several papers around the country did, and it's truly an odd tale.

"A swing on a playground in Firmat has begun swinging on its own for no apparent reason. The Ghosthunters from Discovery have even been invited to investigate.

"Now while the story is vague and short on details, it was the video of the swing that really caught my attention. I am surprised more of the media are not jumping on that one!

"Be curious to see how it all turns out!"


- James Sheppard, Orlando Sentinel Junior Editor

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Mike Douglas said...

haha ... Well, if it were any time of the year other than Halloween I'd say it was either the wind or a hoax, but right now ... let's put it this way: if I happen to find myself on Argentina in the next few days, I'm steering clear lest I find myself face to face with Mr. Lavender.