Thursday, September 27, 2007

So Many Events, So Little Time...

Virtual tour starts Monday, October 1st! Stops will be listed daily at Free book giveaway, too!

Things are falling in place for the Book 'Em event. I'm hoping to have a middle school and a high school to visit on Friday in addition to a panel discussion during the main event. Book 'Em is such a terrific program! Hopefully p.m.terrell (author and co-founder of Book 'Em) can get one going here in NC, too.

Have five seminars set for next year already. I am really enjoying those!

My Fall Southern Tour is coming up soon. Four signings and sixteen stops at other stores are planned. I have my time scheduled down to the minute!

Trying to fit in two more interviews among the chaos as well.

No, I don't get much time to sleep. I'll sleep when I'm dead!!

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