Monday, September 10, 2007

Midwest Book Review of MIKE!

Midwest Book Review is one of the top reviewers in the country and they just gave MIKE a great review!!!

"Diane Wolfe is a gifted writer who leaves her appreciative readers looking eagerly toward her next novel. The fourth title in Diane's 'Circle of Friends' series, "Mike" is the story of a young man who is an academic and athletic achiever at Georgia tech. Facing the seductive temptations and peer pressure of college life, Mike is conflicted about maintaining his pretense of abiding by his family's high moral standards. Mike harbors feelings of guilt because of the intense affection he feels for his roommate's wife and the aftermath of a former girlfriend's abortion. But when Danielle enters his life, Mike feels he can no longer suppress his past. "Mike" is a superbly crafted story of young adult angst, as well as a thoroughly entertaining read. Also very highly recommended are the three early volumes in this outstanding series: "Lori"; "Sarah"; and "James"."

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