Friday, September 14, 2007

Books, Huricanes, Busch Gardens and Nick Eliopulos

Last night was a publishing & promoting seminar at Wilson Tech.
Tomorrow I head to Sumter, SC for a book signing.
I'm also eagerly looking forward to some fun, including a trip to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg with our church's singles group and a chance to see the Carolina Hurricanes play.
Speaking of which, there is a tropical storm dangling out there in the Atlantic poised to become a hurricane. Historical paths for hurricanes starting there include Fran and Floyd. Hmmmm.....
So I will leave you with some interesting things found on the web regarding YA novels and other book stuff:
Novel Draws Criticism
This story talks about some of the books libraries say are most challenged by schools. The book in question is The Chocolate War, but the article also mentions Gossip Girl, a series known for language & sexual content. Just what you want your thirteen year old reading, right? (And don’t forget – this fall, it’s a TV series, too!)

Nick Eliopulos of Random House Interview
The interview covers hooks, books for boys, and intelligent writing, all from the viewpoint of a children’s editor.

Sharing Reading With Your Kids (Sept 10th)
Some great suggestions for getting kids and young adults interested in reading.

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