Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Momentary Frenzy

After a couple weeks off from book signings, it's back into the frenzy this weekend.
I've also got a newspaper interview on Thursday and a radio call-in on Friday. Then Saturday, it's off to Columbia, SC and two signings, plus several stores & libraries to visit along the way. The following weekend is Greensboro, with signings at Waldenbooks and Borders. (My most favorite Borders, too - I love those guys!!)
Then I've only got one Friday signing remaining in August on the Outer Banks of NC.
After Labor Day, though, it gets nuts! Twenty-two more stores and ten seminars, between Sept. 8 and Dec. 8. Plus I've got a month-long blog tour in October. Guess I'm just a glutton for punishment!
Or determined to achieve my dream!

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