Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gainesville's "Other Sport"

*Guest Blogger Today

"With the Gators winning another championship in basketball, seems like there is a lot of attention now on the University of Florida. Since both football and basketball teams are now ranked number one, my former college has proven it sports program.

"Of course, with the focus on the two big sports, a lot of the lesser known sports are being overlooked. Florida has always had an outstanding swimming program, which is why I spent two years of my career in Gainesville. Last month, the women's team placed seventh overall in the NCAA Division One Championship. Seventh in the nation is a big deal, but good luck finding a mention anywhere in the news about swimming.

"I did see an article about Team USA regarding the Olympics and by this time next year, there will be many such news articles. Takes something as big as the Olympics to make that happen, though. The public just never hears about swimming at any level otherwise, which is a shame.

"One good thing about being a former Olympic swimmer though - I'm not instantly recognized in public. And that suits me just fine!"

- Lori Anders, Olympic Medalist

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