Thursday, April 26, 2007

Check-out Lines

*guest blogger today

"It amazes me that in the age of instant messaging, Tivo, and online banking that we are still forced to endure long check-out lines!!!!!

"It's not that I'm incredibly impatient. Okay, maybe I am. But hey, shopping for five minutes only to spend fifteen in line is simply outrageous!

"Let me outline my day. First stop was the post office. Okay, that was not too bad. But then it was the grocery store. ONE person at the register with FIVE of us in line! And the manager was busy yapping away on his cell phone while the other employees sat in the office. (I could see all this from where I was standing.) I might have felt sorry for the girl checking us out, but SHE was busy talking with the boy bagging the groceries and did not care how long it took us to get out of there - she was not gonna call for assistance! Grrrrrrr!

"Last was a clothing store. More of the same. One person checking out the masses while another wandered the store straightening, not caring in the least that a dozen of us were about to take a hostage!

"So I've decided - I'm not leaving the house except for work. Period!

"Okay, maybe I've got a special someone I like to go see ..."

- Heather Jennings, Assistant Coach, Girl's Basketball, Clemson

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Mike Douglas said...

I feel your pain Heather, I really do. I wish I had an easy solution to suggest, but sadly, there's no alternative but to grit your teeth and try not to murder any lazy, distracted store employees if you can avoid it. It seems that customer service is a lost concept in this day and age. With me it's a double whammy, because on top of the problems you describe, I have terrible luck. I'll tell ya, no matter what line I get into it'll be the wrong line, and I will inevitably land behind some problem customer: somebody with a complicated return, somebody with a beef about the store... the rule of thumb is, if you see me shopping, don't get behind me in line whatever you do! Oh well, you can save yourself a lot of grief by shopping online, but you usually have to pay shipping, and you can't get groceries that way around here. Oh ,well...