Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sports Illustrated's Most Controversial Players

*Guest Blogger Today

"Sports Illustrated just released a list of the ten most controversial players.

"Twenty years ago, controversial meant they were troublesome on the field. Today, out of the ten players, only Jeremy Shockey falls into that category. He's also about only player NOT in trouble with the law.

"What is wrong with these guys? Here they are given the opportunity of a lifetime, to play professional football, and they show no respect for that honor! The list has everything from steroids to illegal firearm possession to felony assault charges. Many of the players have been arrested multiple times! They are risking their promising futures needlessly.

"Perhaps it was my upbringing, but I know better! I know right from wrong. And I've got a family to think about, too. Most of those guys are being selfish, childish jerks when they do these things. When they act that way off the field, one has to wonder about their attitude on the field, too.

"I certainly don't want anyone like that on my team!"

- Jason Phillips, Chicago Bears Quarterback

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Mike Douglas said...

I hear you there. It's appalling the way some people who are lucky enough to get paid to play a game can't or won't keep their heads on straight. It lets down their teams, their fans, their families and friends... everyone, and it wastes a golden opportunity that most people would love to have. I attribute most of the problem to the way athletes are often pampered going through school, growing up with an entitled attitude, thinking they can get away with anything and come out unscathed. It's sad and disturbing.