Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Polluting Minds with the Bible?

*guest blogger today

"A teacher was fired in Oregon for including Biblical references in his material. He claimed he was definitely NOT teaching creationism and simply wanted to teach creative thinking. The school board released him for deviating from the curriculum. It's unclear if the teacher himself believes in creation or the Bible.

"While the meat of the story is controversial itself, I won't delve into religion and schools. That's not what has me infuriated. A parent asked how many minds the teacher polluted!

"Polluted? With the Bible?!

"That's right! Wouldn't want to pour any values or morals into your kid's brain. Wouldn't want them to learn about the Ten Commandments or anything!

"Maybe this parent thinks A manga book would be better!

"Grrrrrr.... I gotta go clean something!"

- Danielle Taylor, wife of former GT running back, Mike Taylor

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