Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First Seminar Nerves & Guest Blogger on Daytona 500

Tonight is the first seminar of many I am teaching on publishing & promoting. The class sold out almost two weeks ago and they quickly announced a second date, which has also begun to fill. There will be a room full of anixous people, all looking for that magical tip and a little encouragement, and my husband videotaping the whole thing.

I would be a little nervous except for one thing - I came down with the flu last week and still feel bleah! As in, slightly achy, snorking and coughing. My poor little nose is red and I continue to go through Kleenex like there's no tomorrow.

So my only thought is Lord, please get me through tonight and allow me to be on top of my game for just 3-4 hours! Someone in that audience will desperately need my enthusiasm to motivate them, and I can't slack off just because I feel like poo. And the the other author doing the seminar with me would appreciate it too!

At least I won't be nervous. About to ralph, but not nervous!

*Special guest blogger

"Wow! Was that not an awesome finish to the Daytona 500 last Sunday?! A major crash right before the finish line and Martin just losing his lead by half a hood!

"So many are in an uproar, saying the yellow flag should have been thrown. But a race decided on a yellow flag is just wrong. The two cars in the lead were not affected by the pileup behind them. That close to the finish, I say, let them battle it out. It made for one heck of a race, did it not?

"And I still say the most exciting aspect has been greatly overlooked by the media. The one car crossed the finish line in 18th place upside down!!!! How many times has that happened in racing history? He completed the race on the roof of his car and placed 18th.

"Now that's what I call exciting!"

- Sarah Gardner, Broncos wide receiver Matt Gardner's wife and avid racing fan


Mike Douglas said...

Good luck with the seminar Diane. I can relate, I'm just getting over a flu (or some other) bug that's been dragging me down for three weeks. Don't worry, you'll make it and you'll have those seminar-ees eating out of your hand!

Yo, Sarah, is that even legal? I guess it must be, I don't see why not. Pardon my ignorance, I don't follow racing, but... I'm always looking for The Big Sports Moment, and I must say that finishing the race upside down has to be a first, and probably the only for a long time to come. Coolness!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

"Hey, he crossed the finish line - nothing says it has to be done on all four tires!!"
- Sarah