Friday, January 12, 2007

Awestruck & Humbled

Last night, I drove to Lumberton for a seminar by author P. T. Terrell. I have one of my articles on her website and she led me to the Book 'Em event in Waynesboro, VA in October. (She's the co-founder.) We'd talked via email and I decided to go meet her in person. She introduced me to the library director, who might have me in later this year to speak and bought six of my books! Trish is SO big time! She's done two PBS specials and has two producers negotiating for movie rights to a couple of her novels. One reviewer called her the next John Grisham! She is super, super sweet though and thanked me (in front of everyone gathered!) for coming to see her. I felt so humbled! I am so nobody compared to her!

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