Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Agents & the Publishing World!

The world of publishing is no different than any other business - there are levels to climb, hoops to jump through, networking to do, people to please, steps to take, etc. And it doesn't make any more sense here than it does anywhere else!

My agent is an interesting guy. Mark (no, not the character in my book!) is all over the map, physically & mentally. Of course, I guess that matches us up pretty well - I'm a hyperactive Type-A. And he likes to tantilize me with at least one publishing house he's approached - but won't reveal the name. (Like I'm going to run out and call them. Or get really excited - I know better!) Otherwise, he does keep me updated on the slow progress that is the publishing industry.

In the meantime, it's business as usual here, and I continue pressing for Book IV to be released in April.

So don't anyone lynch me - MIKE will be out soon, I promise!!!

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