Monday, December 11, 2006

Travels & Sites

With the holidays fast approaching, my appearances are coming to a close. I have several booked for next year before Book IV comes out, but my last road trip will be to Vriginia - Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. The Waldenbooks in Virginia Beach is closing in January and I wanted to visit one last time! The manager, Trish, and her crew have been a delight and will be sorely missed!!!

In other news, the online writer's group, The Writer's Meow, continues to grow and will be expanding soon! One of the members has set up an outside forum/chat site that everyone will be able to access! There will be writer tips and discussions, and you'll be able to chat live with me! Details and the website to follow this week, so keep watching!

And my husband was reading a passage out of Matthew yesterday that spoke of not letting yesterdays rob one of tomorrow. Good advice for everyone!

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