Monday, October 30, 2006


Most people must think authors have this mystical aura, like they are removed from the human race.

Truth is, we're just an odd lot of people!

There's nice authors, introverted authors, enthusiastic authors, and just about anything else you can think of in the world. People are people, after all.

I've met a mix of authors myself and been fortunate to meet some really awesome people. Laura Parker Castoro is a very funny lady - she lives in Arkansas, a state I resided in for five years. She was also wonderful enough to supply a blurb for my latest book.

I met Susan May Warren, from Minnesota, who writes Christian love stories and chick lit. She's just a super outgoing person who makes one feel comfortable right away. (She also has a daughter named Sarah!) Check out her website at -

Another amazing author is Susan Eileen Walker, who lives right here in North Carolina. She just released her fourth book! ( ) Susan is one of those real, genuine souls that people can identify with and has an amazing story of overcoming. She and I have assisted one another with tips and I passed along Book IV of my series for her to read.

Guess I need to make sure I have a character named Susan in Book V!!

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