Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Book Cover & Momentum

The cover for Book IV will soon commence and there will be some differences in this one. Do not want to deviate too far from the first three books, but I want to make sure people don't think they're getting a book about the Sims! (Does no one watch computer animated movies?) So I'll keep everyone updated on the progress of MIKE's jacket cover.

At this point, my schedule is so packed, I think for Christmas I'll ask Santa for sleep!
No complaints though! It's what I wanted.

And last, some musing about momentum.
It's hard to get going, but most people don't realize the benefits.
When you're pushing the ball uphill, distractions & stumbling blocks are more pronounced. Hit & misses are further apart, which creates an emotional roller coaster. The hits send you on a high, but the misses drag you down for a long time. It becomes easy to forget the progress forward when you only feel like you're going backwards.
However, for those who have resiliency, once the ball picks up speed, those bumps become less noticeable. It becomes the difference between shooting multiple targets with a hand gun or a machine gun. The hits & misses come so fast, you hardly even notice. Plus, there ware enough high moments that you forget the low ones quickly.

So if you're struggling - don't get discouraged, get excited! Do more. Move faster.
And no matter what, DO NOT GIVE UP!

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