Sunday, May 07, 2006


Song lyrics are not what they used to be.

After reading recent rock lyrics or play Karaoke Revolution, most today are either really dark & depressing ... or just really stupid! (Guess if you're not really listening, it doesn't matter, huh?)

Well, obviously as Spunk on a Stick, I'm not into the dark ones. I prefer a little hope! (Or at least an intelligent question!)

"Hold on to your dreams, and don't let go ... " - Shooting Star

"All the odds are against you, But somehow yo make it through, You can rationalize it away, But it all comes down to you." - Triumph

"Kyrie eleison (Lord have mercy) down the road that I must travel, Kyrie eleison through the darkness of the night, Kyrie eleison where I've going will you follow." - Mr. Mister

"All I want is the same as everyone, Why am I here, and for how long?" - Queesnryche

"You made me feel like a superman, I could take on the whole world with just one hand." - Steelheart

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