Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cake Batter & Purple Essence

No, they're not food. Not even candles or fragrances.

Those are the two new colors of my office.

It's a long story how it all came about, too.

Originally, I had announced I wanted to decorate the kitchen. Wanted an actual theme instead of the hodgepodge that occupies most of the house. So I selected grapes and wine bottles. About that time, Craig decided the kitchen/dining nook would look better if we tore off the white, bland wall paper below the chair railing and painted. (What IS the purpose of chair railing? Just to keep one from placing anything flush against the wall?) In keeping with my theme, we selected a lavendar/purple color. We also decided to repaint the cupboards and such and chose a color that was 'close'.

Purple Essence in the dining area looked great! We did that first with full intentions to complete the kitchen a week or two later.

Somehow, a collection of photos and such had piled in my office. (Actually it's a formal dining room, but what's the point of those?) I told Craig I wanted to take down some of the old pictures and put up the new ones. Why don't we take everything down and repaint first he offered? Even put the purple essence under the chair railing in my office, since I had been thinking about doing it in a lavendar color.

Thursday & Friday, we moved things out. This room doubles as the exercise/media room, so we're talking a lot of big heavy items and over a thousand CD's & DVD's. Plus a book shelf. Into the spare bedroom this all went. Friday night, we painted. Saturday, we continued. An hour ago, we finished.

So what began as a desire for a kitchen full of grapes has now ended with me sitting at my computer hutch in the middle of an empty room. Tomorrow night, we will attempt to put things back, moving a couple things around, and finally getting those pictures on the wall by this next weekend.

A lot of trouble? Probably. However, my office looks amazing right now! Like a brand new room!

Hopefully we'll get to the rest of the kitchen soon!

Change is good!

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