Saturday, November 19, 2005

Being Adopted

Being adopted is to be carefully chosen. It is finding the perfect match in a whole sea of humanity.

I'm not talking about being adopted by people.

I'm talking about being adopted by cats!

Two little black kitties recently took up residence in our neighborhood. They mostly hung out at our neighbors (who had begun feeding them) and occasionally coming over to visit us. (Sensing we are 'cat people'.)

Well, knowing that it is getting below freezing at night and that they do not have a home, Craig purchased some kitten food and we set out a warm bed for them. They are curled up there right now, happy as clams. Obviously, they were somebody pets before they were dumped in our subdivision.

We did not intend to get new kitties so soon. Don't even know how how our old cat, Hobbes, will react. But come Monday, after a trip to the vet, they will become indoor kitties. And we have already named them - Rocko and Spunky.

Guess we've officially been adopted now!

People judge you by your actions, not your intentions.

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