Sunday, September 11, 2005

Same planet, different worlds

Just a few things Mars & Venus need to know!

The average male uses 12,000 words a day, most of which are spent relating to people while on the job.
The average female uses 25,000 words.

Men process information internally, women process out loud through discussion, resolving issues as they converse.
Remember guys - she's not looking for a solution from YOU!

Women feel unloved when their emotional needs aren't being met and men feel unloved when their physical needs are not met.
Don't need to add to that one!

When other areas of a woman's life are in sync, sex is really good.
When a man is involved in a loving relationship, his chances for being healthy & having a strong immune system increase.
Love is really good all the way around!

taken from Gary Smalley's "Connecting With Your Husband/Wife" series

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