Monday, July 11, 2005

Type A

Used to be Type A people got bad raps. They were accused of being stressed out and hyper and suceptible to heart problems. But they're not - they just can't hold still.

Tonight a Type A referred to himself as a gypsy, because he can't hold still. Said a desk job doing accounting nearly did him in!

I can relate!

I like to be constantly doing something. I thrive on productivity and welcome change. Which is why being on the road so much doesn't make me nuts. I love it! And I love being around people and learning new things and trying new things.

Now, I do like my privacy. Not about my 'personal life' or 'feelings', becuase I'm incredibly open, but with my time. I like a couple hours to myself, no one around to interupt. That's about the only time I can really focus, I guess. (Must be remains of being an only kid.) As long as I get time to recharge, I can go back out and continue to attack!

So let's hear it for Type A people!

... are the most willing to change, because they love new ideas and projects; enthusiastic & expressive. -- Florence Littauer

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