Monday, June 06, 2005

Taking chances

A recent trip to Arkansas yielded so many great results! I met so many great people, it was astounding.

Funny thing is, most were stunned I would make a 15+ hour trip across country to be in Little Rock. Why not? Knew what I wanted and I found a way to do it! Back to that saying about selecting the goal and then figuring out how to accomplish it!

And I'm not Superwoman or anything. I get just as frustrated when I run into a wall as anybody else! Sometimes I whine about it, too. That usually happens when I've taken my eyes off my goal. (And when I am really tired! Always tackle problems when you're refreshed!)

I just believe that all things can be accomplished. Something to be said for pure, innocent belief! Being a little naive helps, too, but mostly it's just dogged determination.

I intend to continue taking chances. There's still some goals I need to accomplish - and I WILL find a way!

To feel alive, one must take risks!

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