Thursday, May 05, 2005

Enthusiasm & Sacrifices

I don’t talk much about my books, but I have recently been reinvigorated to work on the fourth installment of my series.

And I guess that’s because now that the second is out and my schedule is booked for many months and the third book is with my editor, the focus has returned to the next story. I always write everything in a notebook first, getting my thoughts down quickly, along with dialog, before committing it to the computer. I had written a lot of the fourth book, but just the other night began putting some of it into my computer – and now the inspiration is flying! The tragedies & triumphs have taken a life of their own, giving this character incredible depth. With every new story, it must get better!

I’ve also made some sacrifices, selecting my dream for the future over what I want right now. Tonight I could be at the Walnut Creek amphitheatre, watching a band I really like, Chevelle. Tomorrow, I could be going to Paramount Carrowinds for the day, riding the roller coasters I so love. I turned down both offers in favor of saving money for my book tour and doing a signing tomorrow night. Yes, you read that right – Diane passed up a roller coaster! The horror!!!!

But there will be many more opportunities to ride coasters – if I wait, then I can ride my favorite, The incredible Hulk, when I go to Orlando this fall! And I can listen to Chevelle anytime on CD. Besides, I always get the basketball player standing in front of me at concerts!
So here’s to enthusiasm and focusing on a goal!

The man is no fool who gives up what he can't keep to gain what he can't lose.
- Jim Elliot

The first law of leadership: Learning to get excited about your work.
- Charlie T. Jones

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