Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Time Flies

Hard to believe it's almost April. I'm still having trouble writing 2005!

Remember all the time we had as kids? I mean, really! I had time to read an entire novel in one day! Could play a video game for five hours straight and only stop because my thumb got cramped. Too bad you can't bank unused time. There's many blocks of wasted time I could sure use now!

I think time speeds up as adults because we weigh ourselves down with all this responsible stuff. Clean the house, do wash, shopping, bank, cats (sorry, don't have kids!), fix this, organize that, run errands, etc etc etc! And yeah, some of that needs to be done. But we overloead ourselves with trivial things. Basically, we overload ourselves, period! Everyone's afraid to say no these days!

I've learned to say no to some things. (Ask my husband, who's gotten really good at cleaning the house!) Harder to say no to people, though. I want to do everything for everybody, and sometimes that just doesn't work!

So here's to finding balance! And giving myself room to breathe.

(Maybe even a free hour to play my RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 game!)

Don't ask time where it's gone; tell it where to go. Gain control of your time, and you gain control of your life. - John L. Mason, "An Enemy Called Average"

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Jeremy Ogul said...

I really like all the quotes you have at the end of your posts. Quotes like that are really what drive me...