Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Success is a thousand setbacks, less one

As I sit here holding the first copy of my latest novel, I contemplate the journey that brought me to this moment ...


Gone are all the obstacles, the moments of fear, the long days of wondering why the heck I am doing this in the first place. I usually spend most of my time looking forward optimistically, but occasionally I look back and say wow! You'll never know how far you can go until you've given it your all!

Of course, the moment you arrive at a goal, a new one must be ready to take its place. And while this is a big moment, I know I have far from arrived. This moment opens a whole 'nother world of trials and tests!

Call it faith, that I know God will not forsake my labor of love.
Call it determination that I will not deviate from my path.
Or call it being completely naive that if I think I can, then I can!

There will be a wall in my path sooner or later. But that's okay! I'll either go over, under, around - or maybe just right through it!

"A setback is a setup for a comeback" - Willie Jolley

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