Friday, March 25, 2005


As I sit here contemplating a major radio interview tomorrow, that word crosses my mind.

I don't fear the interview itself. I've certainly done enough of them! It doesn't bother me to think there may be a million people listening. It'll just be me and the interviewer on the phone. But I think it's the potential for failure that scares me. I don't want to treat this so casual that it lacks spunk & enthusiasm, but I don't want to place such a value on those few moments that I freeze up. Fine line to walk indeed!

But hey, if I stumble, it'll still be okay. This isn't life or death. And as long as I learn something from the ordeal, then it was a success no matter what.

And you have to treat every challenge that way. Failure only comes from inactivity or the inability to learn. So as long as you do something and then try to do it better the next time, then that's what truly matters.

If something really rattles you, then get some encouragement from a friend. That's what I did today. Several friends. Just needed to know someone believed in me! (Back to that 'words of affirmation'!) 'I believe in you' mean so much to me!

So here's to tomorrow's interview! So long as I do my best, give it my all, then it will be successful!

If everybody feels fear when approaching something totally new in life, yet so many are out there "doing it" despite the fear, then we must conclude that fear is not the problem. - Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

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